Team Building

As the new year begins, our team has been introduced to new members. Every meeting at the beginning, we do some team building game/exercise. We also have started planning for socials, and other outside robotics activities. Our new members are always accepted, and we hope that they always feel a part of the team. Our main goal this year is to be a team no matter what. No matter if we go to State or Super Regionals, we will always be a team.

Pool Noodle Name Game

For this challenge we had to pick someone who would be in the middle. The person in the middle would hold the pool noodle and when someone’s name is called they have to try to hit that person. We all sat in a circle surrounding the person who was chosen for the middle. Then the player in the center with the pool noodle tries to hit (gently) the player whose name has been called. The player who has their name called must call out someone else’s  name before they are hit with the pool noodle. The pool noodle holder then goes after that person. If they did get hit then they would have to be the person in the middle. What we learned from this game was names from our sister team and our own team. In the beginning we didn’t know many of people, but through this game it helped us learn names. Which is important because when you are in a team it’s better to know the names and when you do it can even help you get to the know the person and that starts with knowing their name.

Silent Leader 

In the silent leader game we have to line up according to what the mentors told someone chosen for the leader. For example, if we had eye color we would have to line up from darkest shade of eye color to lightest shade of eye color. The leader would have to tell us but couldn’t speak so they would have to do an action to do this. In this game we learned to listen to each and other pay attention to each other so that we could accomplish this game quickly. When you are on a robotics team listening is one of the most important things to do when building a robot and writing an engineering notebook.

The Encouragement Game

In this activity we decided to stand in two circles one on the inside, and the other on the outside. The inner ring were called ones and the outer ring was called twos. One’s would always talk first and each time Mr. Crocker would tells the ones to answer one of his questions. For instance, one was “What do you want to accomplish this year for the team.” Then we would tell each other and rotate. In this game we learned more about each other. We also learned what each our goals were and what each other did on the team. We also started to learn each other names since this was done at the beginning of the season.

M&M Game

For this game we gathered in a circle and was given m&m’s. Each color had a specific thing we could tell about each other. For example, the red you would tell something about yesterday. We would go around the circle and choose which of m&m’s we wanted to talk about and after we shared we got to eat it! We learned more and more about each other and what we do outside of robotics. We also learned that some of us don’t like m&m’s.

Human Knot







At the start of one of our meetings, we raced against the FTC 11874 team to see who could undo themselves the fastest while holding onto our teammates and we couldn’t break the grip. Each team stood in a circle and reached into the center, grabbing two of our teammates’ hands, resulting in a tangled heap. This showed us that in order to succeed we needed to stick together and depend on each other. This showed us that in order to succeed we needed to stick together and depend on each other. It taught us teamwork is a really big part of being a robotics team because in order for all us to get to State, Super regionals, and Worlds we need to stick together and become united.

Human Circuit

In this game we gathered in a circle and one person would start a clap and the next person would have to clap as quickly as possible right after the person clapped. We tried to go around as quick as possible. From this activity we learned a lot about paying attention. Of course it very important to pay attention when you are building a robot especially if you are doing something dangerous. We also learned that some people’s reaction times are slower than others.


At the start of the meeting, we participated in another race against FTC 11874 in which we started out as a big circle and had to get the hula hoop all the way around the circle back to where it started. This was difficult as we started out yelling at each other at first but eventually we got it together. Then it got harder because we had to use two small hoops going in opposite directions. We came away knowing how to improve on these activities. In exercise we learned that if we all needed to work together in order to go faster to make the hula hoop go around instead of working against each other. It taught us that teamwork will get you somewhere and not working together will get you nowhere in life.

Trust Game

The trust game is where we divided into partners and played a version of rock, paper, scissors. To win one duo had to have the most money. Each partner either extended a 1 or 2 after saying the phrase. Depending on if you extended a 1 or a 2 you would lose or win money. You must trust each other to make sure to get the most money. In this game we learned a lot about trust hence the name. Sometimes each of us would make each other lose money which put us back a step. However, it taught us to never put doubt in people you must trust that they help get more money. Especially when building a robot you must be able each other to make a good robot together and trust each to do their best work in the Engineering Notebook.

Pictionary People

In this activity we played pictionary and you would draw something on a piece of paper and give it to the mentors to shuffle. In order to win the game we had to guess the person who came up with drawing. We learned that some of us are not the greatest at drawers, but that’s ok. We also learned some of us are very creative when it comes to drawing. We also more and more about each other.

Robot Referee Luck

This game was a robotics version of rock, paper, scissors. Instead we used some robotics terms; robot, referee, and luck hence the name. We learned about the different parts of the robot game. The luck represents when other teams do well and you just have to be gracious professionalism. The referee represents volunteers and how much they do for us. The robot represents the game and what we as a team do and work together.

Floor Maze

In run your autonomous both 11874 and 6547 had to figure the correct path in a 4 by 4 grid that someone had written down. The person who had written down the path chosen, would tell if u stepped in the right direction or not. If we stepped in the wrong direction the person would say wrong and you had to go to the back of the line. In this activity we learned more about strategy and memorization. Many times people wouldn’t be watching the person in front of them and would make the same mistakes as the person in front of them. Now if we did watch people in front of us we became closer to achieving and completing the secret path. This also taught us about paying attention and working together by watching others. Which in robotics people need to use in order to make a robot together.


In this activity our team decided to go to Pinstripes to bond with our team through eating tons of food and playing bocce ball. In the beginning it started off a little awkward since some people knew each other than others. However when we all started to talk we ended up having more fun. We soon learn more about each other and felt more comfortable with each other. In this experience we learned more about each other's personality and how each individual acts and works. It also showed everyone individual strategy in trying to win the game of bocce ball. Some were awesome at the game and had experience , while others had a harder time and had little experience.

Movie Night Out

We decided to go together as a team and watch Justice League. We all met up at AMC Theaters and couldn’t wait to see Justice League. Our whole team is a little geeky and into DC and Marvel so this event was great for everyone. In this team bonding we learned even more about each other and how to interact with each other. We all had a fun experience talking to each other and meeting other people we sometimes don’t get to talk to during a robotics meeting.