This year’s robot:

This year our robot’s name is Secretariat , named after the horse from Secretariat that was known as the first triple crown winner. For this season’s robot we have a mecanum drive train that is easier to drive with and helps use move a long faster. We built and used a linear slide made out of 80’20 with plastic grabbers that have grippers on it, while also having a relic grabber connected on the robot.

Game Strategy:

This year we have decided that we wanted to become the best team we could possibly mean. Last year we decided to become a support team and have numerous autonomous programs that way we could be the best support team that we could possibly be. This meant having around 8 programs per alliance side. With the design of this years field, we found that we would become more independent and don’t run the same risk of running into another robot. Our decision: 2 programs per alliance side. In order to achieve maximum points, we wanted to reach for the stars and try to do everything we could within 30 seconds. This means hitting a jewel, putting a glyph in a corresponding column, getting another glyph in the cryptobox, and parking inside of the safe zone.